We try to outsmart Alzheimer’s


“You’re not going to believe this,” Dad tells me, with a half-smile. “This morning, your Mom hands me the ring and says, ‘I found this on my dresser.’”

Dad and I had hoped that, just once, Mom’s spotty memory would work in our favor. 

I have an idea as to where this is going. “What did you say?” I ask him.

 “I said, ‘That’s your ring, Chris.’”


“And she looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘NO. No it’s not.’ Then she stuffed the ring into my hand and walked away.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. Turns out your Mom really can tell the difference between her real wedding ring and the fake.”

I’m taking this all in with a strange blend of curiosity and amusement. “Are you going to give her real ring back?”

“Heck no,” he shoots back. “If Chris has it, it will no doubt end up behind the toilet or in the kitchen sink again. It needs to be safe – safer than that.”

Mom’s wedding ring holds a lot of memories for Dad.  The many times it has been found in unlikely places has moved him to consider ways to take special care with it.  That’s when the idea of a replacement ring came up.

“Anyway, thanks for buying it for me, Barbara.”

“Well, it was worth a try, Dad.”

Was this escapade Dad’s idea or mine?  It hardly matters. It’s like asking if the crazy bit came from Lucy or Ricky – it’s comedy all the same. And I’m Dad’s sidekick in our little slapstick hijinx show. 

What madcap capers have you and your Alzheimer’s Caregiver found yourselves caught up in, all in the name of doing something kind for your Alzheimer’s Loved One? 


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