I am programmed for pattern recognition. Something happens more than once, and I notice. I used to believe that everyone is like this. As I live longer, I understand that this is part of my secret sauce – a special gift that God entrusted to me.

My gift of pattern recognition may explain why the experience of my mother’s Alzheimer’s and my father’s Caregiving is such a compelling story for me to tell. 

During our Alzheimer’s journey, curious things would happened once. Then they would spin in my mind in a holding pattern, waiting for a second occurrence.

Emotions veil much. Only now, in sharing the stories from a place – just beyond the urgency of the daily Alzheimer’s walk – am I finally able to recognize patterns from the journey that my emotions of the moment had concealed.

Two patterns I have recognized flavor everything I write.

  1. Alzheimer’s is a family disease because it impacts everyone in the family. 
  2. Alzheimer’s Caregivers and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Kids need to be wrapped in love during their Loved One’s Alzheimer’s journey.

Today, I am proud to share two new collections of patterns I have recognized on this journey.   My prayer – my dream – is that these find their way into the hands of Alzheimer’s Caregivers, adult children of parents with Alzheimer’s in their household (Alzheimer’s Kids) and Caregiver Kids.  That these titles achieve my publishing goal of providing the ideal blend of information, support and compassion for families on an Alzheimer’s journey.

Patterns in Time    

Patterns at Hand

Patterns in Time™ and Patterns at Hand are exclusively available online from the store. 

By publishing and selling these titles independently, I can offer beautiful, custom titles written, illustrated and printed in the United States. 


Your purchase helps me continue volunteering to find a cure for Alzheimer’s through The CART Fund. #ImCuringAlz #CARTFUND

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