To My Hero, My Dad

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being a loving husbandand and caregiver to Mom throughout her fifteen-year journey with Alzheimer’s. 

Alzheimer’s took Mom through so many changes.  You adapted daily to her ever-changing needs.

You learned to wear so many new hats…

• Daily Wardrobe Stylist
• Manicurist / Pedicurist
• Dental Hygienist
• Cruise Director
• Translator
• Counterintelligence Officer
• Chauffeur & Escort
• Receptionist / Secretary
• Personal Chef
• Maid
• Laundress
• Treasure Hunter
• Physical Therapist
• Bookkeeper
• Personal Shopper
• Strategist
• Innovator…

You mastered so many new skills.  Skills an Army drill instructor and pump-and-tank man may have barely envisioned for himself…

• Preparing meals
• Shopping for groceries
• Answering the phone
• Scheduling doctor appointments
• Paying bills
• Balancing the checkbook
• Dispensing vitamins & medications
• Trimming toenails & fingernails
• Scheduling hairdresser appointments
• Doing laundry
• Sending birthday, anniversary & Christmas cards
• Giving daily baths & supervise hygiene
• Supervising tooth-brushing
• Buying bras and panties…

This growth took strength, loyalty and honor. It was the right thing to do.  Just what I expect from you.

This effort is what love looks like.

I want you to know that I noticed.

Thank you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to My Hero –  My Dad.

Love always,


2 Replies to “To My Hero, My Dad”

  1. Oh my gosh….you are one lucky daughter to have a dad like Buzzy!!! Always loved your dad…and now I admire him as well! Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Hoegger!!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! Dad pushed himself so hard caring for Mom, that my prayer became that the Lord would preserve him beyond my Mom’s passing. I give thanks everyday that He did.

      To all the ‘Alzheimer’s Kids’ out there: Please do what you can to lighten the load of your Caregiver. That includes praying for them. If your Caregiver is anything like my Dad, and refuses all support, you might use that extra time to pray twice as often, and to breathe.



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