The Perfect Thing on Patreon

Dear friends, I have some exciting news. I’m establishing a presence on Patreon.

This is my way of making sure that The Perfect Thing blog will always be a free and open resource for everyone.

You see, the web hosting and data plan behind The Perfect Thing have been self-funded for four years now.  It’s time to take it to the next level. I hope and expect that a presence on Patreon will sustain this blog, ensuring it offers free content forever, for everyone who loves someone with Alzheimer’s.

More Than Funding

This is not just about funding The Perfect Thing blog—though it is that. It’s also about the assurance that my work has a community around it.

Patrons (a lot like the ones back in the Renaissance) give creators and educators a pathway to financial stability for their work, providing for supplies and resources, and enabling the mobility that serious outreach takes.

Today’s patrons, like the “angel investors” of tech startups, see something has potential to grow and something people need. But in this case, patrons really are angelic—their rewards involve not a monetary payback, but the sense of contributing to a social good. Contributing to something that makes the world a better place.

How It Works

You may have heard of the Kickstarter portal, where people collectively fund one-time projects.  Patreon makes it possible for people to collectively support creativity and outreach over time (different from one effort).

Jack Conte founded Patreon in 2013—in part, to help fund his own music. So Patreon itself is a labor of love. Today, Patreon has more than a million patrons who contribute an average of $12 monthly to the artists, writers, and educators of their choice.

Patrons become members of a creator’s support system. There they inspire and shape what’s produced.

If you want to see my work flourish and you’d like to become part of my support system, please join my community on Patreon. And let others know about it. You’ll be enriching the variety of resources available to a growing number of people who love someone with Alzheimer’s.

Thank you for reading, and for your vote of confidence.

Your Friend on the Journey,



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