What to expect when Mom has Alzheimer’s

If you have a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, What to expect when Mom has Alzheimer’s  is the course you need now and in the future.

What to expect when Mom has Alzheimer’s prepares you for the years ahead. I created it because it’s exactly what I needed when my Mom was diagnosed.

This course covers what to expect, and how to prepare during every stage of Alzheimer’s. When you are complete, you will be confidently prepared for the progression of Alzheimer’s and its impact on every member of your family.

As the creator, I bring 15-years of life experience as the daughter of a Mom who lived with Alzheimer’s. I’m an award-winning author; a Certified Dementia Practitioner; and a support group leader for adult children of people living with Alzheimer’s.

I designed What to expect when Mom has Alzheimer’s for adult children who have a parent living with Alzheimer’s. For people who are up at night worrying about what is happening to Mom now and what will happen next. If you’ve ever been mystified by an angry comment from Mom’s care partner or have disagreed with a sibling about what is best for Mom, this course is for you. Since you are already busy with work and family, I designed it so that you can learn in modules and exercises that generally take 5 minutes or less.

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