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Hello. I’m Barbara Ivey. I have 30 years of experience in research, writing, and consulting. I hold a Lean Healthcare Certificate from Belmont University’s Massey School of Business, and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Dominican University. Yet no accomplishment has impacted me more than my learning experience in a family with Alzheimer’s.

The experience made me a committed contributor to the public conversation on Alzheimer’s, and it led me to the Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust (CART), a project of the Rotary Clubs of North America that supports innovative Alzheimer’s research. I am privileged to have just completed four years of services as CART’s national Vice President of Operations.

The experience also inspired me to use what I’d already learned to serve a new calling. Through this site, it is my goal to offer hope and mentorship to people and families who love someone with Alzheimer’s.

My Superpower? Simplifying.

I’ll confess it. Informational charts and graphs were never my thing. Now I know how much they can tell me about interpreting experiences. Yet I need to see the information presented in an inviting way. In collaborating with artists, I have found it is possible to weave complex, detailed information into memorable stories.

The true story of what I observed as an adult child of a parent with Alzheimer’s, Patterns in Time™ brings facts into understandable, appealing learning tools, and these in turn can be samples for you to record your own journey.

More than that, I hope the resources here will help you prepare, interpret and plan for your own experiences.

Learning, Growing—And Paying It Forward

From my Lean Healthcare Certification training I knew that defects and excesses need to be spotted for outcomes to improve. As an Alzheimer’s Kid, I made errors. Dad pointed them out. I overstayed my welcome several afternoons. I pressed for Dad to consider care options too soon.

I experienced pushback from Dad.

I learned.

Dad needed more patience, more compassion, more forgiveness, and more love during caregiving than I’d predicted. I, in turn, needed my own sources of strength.

What You’ll Find Here

My blog is meant to be The Perfect Thing® if you have a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and another who becomes the Caregiver. It can help other family members, friends, associates and neighbors too.

You’re invited to read it and find out if it casts your experiences in a new light, or simply assures you that you’re not alone.

I also create publications for Alzheimer’s Kids like me. In Patterns in Time™, you can find observations about questions that come up when a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s:

What can I expect?
What might happen next?
What do terms like respite and sundowning mean in the context of Alzheimer’s?
What kind of support matters most, and how do I find it? 

Patterns at Hand is a pictorial overview of Alzheimer’s, with colorful photographs of granny squares Mom crocheted. One family’s story is threaded through them, gently told in verse. May they weave our journeys together and become a source of strength for you.

Your Friend on the Journey,


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