Patterns at Hand: A Photo Journey (Hardcover Book)


Few challenges in life place more stress on a family than the care for a loved one with dementia. Through Patterns at Hand, you’ll have the perspective of someone who’s been there: Barbara Ivey, the adult child of a mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

“I made a lot of mistakes, I overstepped. I got confused. I missed things.”

Yet Barbara also looks back and recalls that everything she did…was perfectly done, in love.

In this pictorial journal, you’ll enjoy the patterns that Barbara’s mother Chris crochets—the granny squares usually found joined together in heirloom afghans.

Each square photographed for this book carries in its caption a touch of wisdom, memory, or thought on the family dynamic. This changes stage by stage, as Chris crochets asymmetrical pieces, each one its own mesmerizing thing of beauty. Each one interwoven with threads of a family’s love.

A Decade-and-a-Half of Personal Experience

This profoundly touching and beautiful book speaks to the adult children who are learning to adjust to the arrival of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia. From Patterns at Hand, all will glean insights from a decade-and-a-half of experience.

Understand just why those seemingly little things can become huge hurdles. Consider ways to understand what you can’t know.

Know the lifesaving value of support and how to find it.

A Message to All of Us

In this message of hope to family members, Barbara Ivey is also sending a note to us all—to live and enjoy life with our Loved-One with Alzheimer’s. Now is the best moment we’ll ever have.

Its 24 pages illustrated by photographs and the drawings of artist BO Haynes, Patterns at Hand is published by Perfect Thing (2017). Available in hardcover; 9” square.

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HARDCOVER PHOTOBOOK. 24 pages. 9″ x 9″

ISBN: 0998264105, 9780998264103. Printed in the United States.

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