Patterns in Time®: One Family’s Journey (Print)

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Barbara Ivey published this easy-to-follow and sweetly illustrated foldout guide for the adult children of a parent who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It charts a decade in the life of a family. Its timeline details the significant events and changes impacting Chris—a woman with Alzheimer’s—and the people in Chris’ life.

Even living at a distance, Barbara tells us how the grown children of a person with Alzheimer’s can be highly supportive to the primary caregiver. That caregiver is often the longtime spouse or partner of the person struck by this disorienting and gradually debilitating illness.

Don’t Go It Alone

Learn the terms health care professionals use to note and express the habits and changes connected with Alzheimer’s.

Find out which resources help a family most from a writer who has personally taken the journey.

Medical waiting rooms, Alzheimer’s education groups, health care professionals, libraries, and—especially—family members will learn much by following Barbara’s stories and charts. Patterns in Time tells us, in words and graphics, what to expect and when, and how a family can ease the stress of caregiving.

Barbara’s illustrated history of events will prepare you to face the journey calm and composed. You don’t have to go it alone.

The Art of Caring

The drawings by artist BO Haynes represent a collaborative work by author and illustrator over a period of nine months.

This original art graced Patterns in Time with a 2017 Gold International MarCom trophy, awarded by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) to salute outstanding communications achievements and service to the community.

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Patterns in Time is a unique, 8¼”-square pamphlet, which unfolds to 33 inches. It is published by Perfect Thing (2017).

ISBN: 978-0-9982641-1-0. Printed in the United States.

*2017 Gold MarCom Award Winner for print publication.

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3 reviews for Patterns in Time®: One Family’s Journey (Print)

  1. parkerweb

    “Patterns in Time gave me great direction for my family’s journey with Alzheimer’s. It’s the caregiver-to-caregiver information I was looking for.” – Leann, Dallas, TX

  2. parkerweb

    “I found it very informative and will share the info with children of my friends with Parkinson’s. Lots of helpful information and well presented!! The progression of tasks transferred from the patient to the caregiver was so well illustrated. Because they happen over time, it’s easy for those of us who are friends or family at a distance to forget the huge burden the caregiver has on them. This had given me a deeper understanding and will definitely assist me in helping out friends and family who are caregivers.” – L.Y., Charlotte, NC

  3. Richard Creighton

    As someone who has taken more than 2000 pages to tell part of our story, I congratulate Barbara Ivey (@alzbarbie) for writing a snapshot of hers in just 8 pages. Well done, my friend.

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